Birthdays, Social Distancing, and COVID-19 Pandemic

These 3 words don’t really mix well. With a health crisis bringing stress, anxiety and the unknown to so many, we were able today to have a quiet family celebration among the four of us at home for Finn who turned 7 on March 13th. Kids make everything better and while Finn was sad to have his party cancelled, he certainly enjoyed getting the entire ice cream cake to himself, gifts arriving from his grandmother (Baba), and cousins from Ohio! Thank you for making it so special for him.

Hand Sanitizer Mayhem

People may or may not know I work for a edtech healthcare company where we are developing digital learning solutions for physicians and hospitals to keep their clinicians up to speed with the latest knowledge and education. As luck would have it, we ordered +500 hand sanitizers for a conference coming up (which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation). So we were able to stock up at home. There isn’t a bottle in site in the tristate area of Maryland, Northern Virginia, or DC.

One thought on “Birthdays, Social Distancing, and COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Yes, the local drugstores are out of hand sanitizer. I should have come for Finns borthday and stocked up. Your video of his birthday is wonderful, and he was very happy with his celebration.

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