Overdue 2020 Update

Finn’s 1st Career Aspiration
At school, Finn was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said a coal miner. So we ran with it. When asked why, he said he wanted to be rich and find gold.



While they do test each others nerves, the kids continue to forge a strong bond in particular with Elsa looking up to her big brother quite a bit.

Voracious Reader
Finn loves loves loves to read. He wakes up and gets a book, sleeps with them at the foot of his bed, brings them into the bathroom, takes the Saturday morning Washington Post and enjoys the comics, and we read a Harry Potter chapter out loud every night before bed. As someone who grew up around books and a love of reading, it warms my heart to see how much he is drawn to it.

Family time for Elsa Turing 5
Elsa’s January party was a lot of fun at our house with games, a huge cake, and friends from her PK4 class.

My Loves
Enjoying everything DC has to offer, which on this day was getting our library cards at the Library of Congress – b/c you can and should as its the most amazing place to visit! They even have a really fantastic separate children’s section, which most tourists don’t bother with so us “locals” keep it to ourselves.

One thought on “Overdue 2020 Update

  1. I just spent an hour going back in the years of your post and it made me so happy. Finn giggling to dum dum an d his learning to crawl.Elsa’s blue eyes and beautiful smile. Hugs, Natasha

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