2019 is Flying By….

A few of our favorites. School has started, teeth are falling out for Finn, Elsa experienced a growth spurt like no other, our amazing after school sitter of 2 years graduated college, and our basement is finally getting gutted.


2 thoughts on “2019 is Flying By….

  1. Dear Kara and Sasha, thank you so much for this post, so lovely to read your post and see the pics. Yes, the children are just like mushrooms, growing up fast in all directions. Unfortunately I have had successive probs. with the eye, and for the last 2 months an awful virus that I contracted in hospital after a minor procedure. I am hoping to return to normalcy within the next 2 weeks. Australia is in the grip of a terrible drought, with no rainfall and many bushfires, both of which we have never before seen around our plot, and of course it is happening over the Eastern inland areas too. Happily I am an optimist. We believe in climate change – have our fingers crossed that it will happen slowly.
    I will be in touch, much love to all 4 of you, and of course Natasha, whom I am hoping is also fit and well. Marg XOOXOXO

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