Trek to Ohio

After seeing Garrett and the family for E’s Baptism, we decided a few weeks later to hit the road and spend some quality time with the family @ Garrett & Yanette’s home in Ohio. No major events drawing us there which was a plus as we had time to just relax, enjoy dinner together, and watch all the cousins play. It was also nice to have extra hands helping with Elsa as she was eating up a storm and taking short naps.  Finn was enamored with his older cousin Everett while Elsa got the royal treatment from all the ladies in the house.

Pit Stop
Elsa wasn’t the greatest traveler this trip so we had a number of extra stops and on the last, I caught a few pictures of her.  We had to change her twice due to a few diaper mishaps but she sure is cute relaxing on the grass in a picnic area.

Elsa Enjoying the Attention

The One Moment Elsa Didn’t Enjoy the Attention
Elsa for some reason just wasn’t in the mood to be held and I caught this doozy of a shot. Check out that lower lip!


Elsa Already Getting Picked On
Her cousins thought it would be cute to take what seemed to be a fun toy for Elsa (a puffy ball) and turn it into something else! I turned my back for a bit and the puff ball somehow expanded and landed as a wig on Elsa’s bald head. She didn’t seem to mind!

The Ladies + Everett
A good looking bunch!


The Cousins
Finn & Everett clearly not enjoying the photo opportunity.


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