Finn’s First Day of Pre-School

A Trip to the Barbershop
Finn has probably had maybe 2-3 haircuts, of which only one really was successful. So we tried a new barbershop where we heard “Miss Diane” was an expert with children. The key was the lollipop she handed Finn (his first) and all was good after that.

The Big Day!
For his first day, he went from 9 – 12:00 and parents were required to be there and observe. We drove him in, had a nice walk up to the school, and lunch afterwards. He has 7 classmates, 4 boys and 3 girls, along with two teachers, Miss Vanessa and Miss Melanie. It was a great day and we can tell Finn is going to have a ball. He wasn’t nervous at all as he is used to being around other kids and adults so dove right into all the toys, mostly the cars, and got comfortable with his new space.


His Glamour Shot


A Special Lunch
What kid doesn’t want french fries, apple sauce, and mac and cheese after a monumental milestone of starting school??

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