Summer Fun

4th of July Fun @ Baba’s
Beer, crabs, kid sized pool for Finn – nothing else needed for a great weekend!


First Bites
Elsa had her first solids on July 4th. Of course apples. She clearly enjoyed them….

Big B’s Birthday
A day trip to Baltimore to catch up with good friends and celebrate Brenton’s birthday with the Carpers.  An impromptu dinner with the group led us to a sandwich place that caters to kids and parents – pitchers for the parents and walls made of chalkboard for the kids. Magic.


Porch Play

Elsa’s Zerberts
A pretty cute moment where she clearly was imitating me make some funny faces!

One thought on “Summer Fun

  1. I just love your blog and you do such a great job Kara.  Thank you so much for the delightful photos and videos, as it keeps me well informed.Loved Elsa’s progress with blowing bubbles and look forward to seeing more. Of course I can’t say enough for my Finn either, as he is such a delight. They both are and you are both doing a great job with them. Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha

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