E Gets Christened!

We hit a big milestone with Elsa as we had her baptized a few weeks ago! We had the ceremony in the same church here in the neighborhood as Finn. We hoped for nice weather as lots of family were in town to celebrate with us but got stuck in an all day monsoon. We were so excited to see my brother, Yanette, and his 3 kiddos. We relaxed at the house with a BBQ before, then just enjoyed some quality time after at the house while our kids went to bed. Elsa was such a champ and didn’t shed one tear, even as they poured the water over her head.  Finn….well….we probably should have practiced a bit more of him sitting still in a pew. That didn’t really happen. Thank goodness for Abbygael and her iPhone to keep him busy.  A great day all around.

Festivities Before the Church

Monsoon Weather


The Church


Cutie Before the Ceremony

Snoozing During the Ceremony

2 Year Olds and Church Don’t Mix


Fun Afterwards @ the House

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