OBX Traditions Continue

Happy to Arrive!
We had a great drive down and made it under 6 hours, which was pretty great! Kids did pretty well with minimal melt downs.

Beach Babes


First Night
Not great weather but we still got out

Hanging on the Beach

Strutting her Stuff

Finn Talking

Evening Strolls
The weather was hit or miss but we still enjoyed some great evenings on the beach – Dad even got his first kite up in the air with Finn (maybe for 10 seconds but a good effort).

Rest of Trip Fun

The Beach

2 thoughts on “OBX Traditions Continue

  1. Thanks so much for the pictures from your vacation! I enjoy being with you from the distance. Ulrike

  2. Great photos and videos.  Love Elsa’s bottom lip,  just like your grandmother and Garrett – so cute. Too bad the weather was so crappy, but at least you got away and had a break from daily living in DC. I remember a Thanksgiving spent at Naggs Head. Grey days, stormy ocean, walks along the beach and fun in front of the fireplace. Not sure if Ryan remembers. Thanks for the blog, I love it. Hugs, MamaBabaNatasha

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