Potty Training Oh My!

We have had ALOT going on as we head into summer! Elsa hit 5 months and is rolling over to her stomach while Finn is officially out of diapers (well at least during the day as we work on the night routine). Only took really a week or so for him to realize peeing on himself is NO good. We started the training at the beach as we figured it would be easier in case he had accidents there….better than our furniture. 🙂 Here are some photos – our trip to OBX will be posted next!

Big Girl Elsa

Elsa is pushing 16 pounds now and is blossoming into her personality – she loves attention, wants to be held a lot, and yabbers all the time. Here are a few pictures of her recently.

Rolling Over

Sibling Love

Finn is starting to take more and more interest in Elsa, or at least the things Elsa has – like her rocker, toys, etc.

3 thoughts on “Potty Training Oh My!

  1. Mushrooms have no chance with your two growing just so fast. Both of those angels looking beautiful. Yes, potty training is a very serious thing – lovin’ that potty chair. Heaps of love from Granny-down under

  2. I  love these pics. Thanks for sharing. I am thinking of you as the family gathers today for Elsa’s very special day.  Finn and Elsa are both blessed to have you two for  their parents.  With love and prayers,Pat

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