Spring in the City

Spring has sprung here in D.C. and we have been ecstatic to get outside after being cooped up in the house for the winter with a new baby. We got out to the cherry blossoms and even enjoyed a recent picnic. Elsa has gotten HUGE and Finn continues to talk more and talk.

Elsa Chatting

Grabby Elsa

She acts like she is riding a roller coaster lately when we put her in the carseat or bassinet. Pretty comical.


Those Feet

Elsa has the funniest looking feet. While Finn’s toes are all very symmetrical, she has a set where they don’t quite line up.


Blue Eyes

Everywhere I take her, the first thing people comment on is her bright blue eyes, along of course with her huge size as well as what seems to be reddish hair.



Elsa naps in a rocker/bassinet, the same one we used with Finn. She is getting quite long so we are switching to the crib this weekend. We only now wrap her arms in a swaddle and let her legs hang out to keep her cool. She is quite content.


All About Her Hands

She recently discovered her hands and continually shoves them in her mouth.

Happy Girl

After 13-14 weeks of that horrible thing called “colic”, I am happy to say she has mellowed out quite a bit and seems very happy now.  Phew.

Dad Loves Selfies w/Finn

Finn and Dad on a recent trip to the park in our neighborhood. Love Finn and Dad’s expressions.

photo (28)

Finn Checking out Elsa
Finn continues to get more comfortable having his sister around. He typically gently touches her stomach and sometimes just sits next to her when she is awake.

One thought on “Spring in the City

  1. Just beautiful photos, both progressing along nicely – great parenting – Love and happiness oxxo

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