Fun & Family

Easter Fun w/Finn

 First Peeps Experience

Peep Mouth



The New Double Stroller


Miss Elsa Grins

Sibling Love 

Finn asked to help rock Elsa at bedtime. Too cute. He also wanted to wear one of her bibs for some random reason! He hasn’t worn a bib like that in a long time so was cute to see him want to do things that Elsa is doing.

photo (23)


Snoozing Elsa

Night Stripper

 Pretty in Yellow

More of Elsa


Finn and his Buddy Adrian

2 thoughts on “Fun & Family

  1. Wonderful photos, your blog makes me reminisce of my past life as a new Mother, so again, thankyou for sending to me – I love it all. Finn is a real little man now, and looks so responsible. As for Elsa – dearest little girl,and looking so happy and well.
    sending love and hugs from Down under
    Marg (alias Granny #2, who is also D.U.!)

  2. Gorgeous and love my babies.  Elsa is such a doll and Finn, well, I just don’t have words for his handsomeness.

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