Finn Turns 2!

My shy guy as we sang a birthday tune to him.


Celebrating with Friends & Family

Being Two Means Pushing Your Own Stroller

photo (8)

Life with Elsa

Ever wonder what its like to have 2 kids under 2? This sums it up.

1). Lack of sleep

photo (9)

2). Figuring out how to get the perfect swaddle – in attempt for them to sleep so you can sleep. Behold burrito baby.

photo (11)

 3). Attempting to catch a few winks of sleep on Sundays by coaxing Finn in bed.

photo (10)

4). Just hoping & praying that yawn = ready to nap.

photo (13)

Elsa Close Ups

2 thoughts on “Finn Turns 2!

  1. Thanks for sharing pics of Finn’s 2nd birthday. He is precious to Natasha and even looks precious in his pictures, too.Pat

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