23 1/2 Months & 6 Weeks: Getting into a Groove

Hanging out in the morning. A rare shot of them together as it seems like Elsa is either feeding or asleep. Its nice to see her start to become more alert!

Finn wants to now participate in her baths so he stands on the stool and mostly just watches and dips his hands in her bath bubbles. Big helper.

Maternity Leave Blues
For 6 weeks now, it has either been hypothermic lows in temperature or snowing. Boring way to spend a maternity leave cooped up inside!

At Least These Two Are Having Fun in the Snow!

Hair Mania
We are way overdue in getting Finn’s hair cut…I refuse to do it as I am sure I will butcher it.

Growing Like  a Weed
Her progression from 4 to 6 weeks. She seemed so little in the bed just a few weeks ago. Now she is more alert and busting out of her clothes.

2 thoughts on “23 1/2 Months & 6 Weeks: Getting into a Groove

  1. Dear Kara and Ryan Those photos are very special – oh how time flies along. Thankyou again for allowing me to be the Granny from down under – it’s too beautiful for words. Look at Finn! Now he really IS a big boy, and as for Alexandra – what a dear little soul – she looks a happy child. Sending love and well wishes Marg xooxo

  2. Love, love these photos.  Just lets me know how much I am missing.  Thank you so much fo these beauties. Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha

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