18 Months: Celebrating in OBX

What a difference a year makes! We took Finn at 4 months old to the OBX and decided to go this past week a little over a year later. Oh how much has changed. Finn also had his 18 month doctor appointment and here are his stats:

* 23.5 pounds (skinny kid – up only a pound from 3 months ago)
* 33 inches long (up an inch from 3 months ago)
* 48.5 cm head circumference (head growth is slowing down thank goodness)

Finn was a good driving companion with only 1 meltdown each way during the 6 hour drive. Not too bad.  We look forward to our next trip as he seems to be a great traveler.

The week was great except for 4 days of rain and a strange rash on Finn that entailed a virtual trip to the doctor as soon as we got to the beach. Thank goodness Gallup offers us Teledoc, which allowed us to go online and request a phone consult with a dermatologist. I emailed the doctor photos of Finn’s spreading rash which he quickly diagnosed and prescribed an antibiotic. All this in less than 15 minutes! We avoided probably 3-4 hours waiting to see a doctor in person at the only clinic on the island about 45 minutes away.





First  Encounter with the Ocean: Fear

Second Encounter with the Ocean: Fun

Third Encounter with the Ocean: A Pro

Chillin’ with Dad



A Great Sunset

2 thoughts on “18 Months: Celebrating in OBX

  1. OMG! What wonderful movies for us to cherish. Kara you always do such a wonderful job of photography and videoing. I like the way you gently introduced Finn to the ocean. You are both such great parents. And he had such fun, and what a difference a year makes. What was the rash?

    I checked out the photos on your remodel and the floors look wonderful and I hope you are happy with them. How much is left to do and are they close to being finished? Must have been nice to walk into your house today!

    Are you going to Ha’s reception on Sat., and do I get to baby sit my precious little boy?

    Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha

    P.S. Thank you so much for continuing with the blog, as it means so much to me.

  2. Just looked at the videos again. Day 3, he reminds me of a penguin, the way he runs and I think his clothing contributes somewhat to the penguin look. LOL

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