Week 13: OBX Adventures

So to celebrate that we survived the first 12 weeks of parenthood, we planned a last second vacation down to the beaches of North Carolina in the Outer Banks. We got a fantastic house right on the beach and let me tell you….we could not wait to get there. Finn handled the LONG drive well – we only had to stop once for a break and in general, he took feedings right in his car seat from the bottle, then snoozed the remainder of the time. We did make a bonehead move and not have me sit with him the first few hours – not smart. Lots of grunting and noises…and he generally seemed annoyed to be in the carseat for an extended period of time.  Once I moved back there, he seemed to do better  so I spent the last 4 hours of the drive sitting in the middle of the backseat (not comfortable) hanging with Finn. Worth it of course!

Enjoy a snapshot of our week at the beach, from the ride down, to the “Derecho” storm that hit the east coast, and our introduction of the sand and waves to Finn!

Getting There…

Beach Time

Derecho Hits

Enjoying OBX

Dad & Finn at the Beach

2 thoughts on “Week 13: OBX Adventures

  1. Hi, Wonderful photos of all three of you, either together with Finn, alone with Finn or just Finn.  A great collection, filled with memories.  Thank you so much for this blog, and yes, he has changed a great deal.  Love his wide open mouth smile. Such a charmer and so happy.   Hugs, Baba 


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