16.5: A Walk in the Woods

We got away from a much needed 4 day getaway just outside of Washington D.C. to Stanardsville, VA, which isn’t too far from Charlottesville, VA – a beautiful part of Virginia to say the least. We stayed at Lydia Mountain Cabins at a fantastic little house with an even more fantastic view as you will see below.

We got a chance to take Finn on his first Shenandoah trail walk and he did really well. He was comfortable in the hiking backpack and snacked the whole way.  Here are a few shots of the landscape and of course Finn!



2 thoughts on “16.5: A Walk in the Woods

  1. Great photography both of you and Finn is a delight. I see his hair is getting lighter. Glad you all had a relaxing vacation and it was a perfect location to indtoduce Finn to the woods, moountains and trails. Happy for you

  2. Your house looks really looks like an enormous building site! Good that you could get away for a few days. Thanks for the informative pictures! Ulrike

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