16 Months: Renovations, Renovations, and Renovations

As many of you know, Ryan and I have been thinking about extensive renovations for about 5 years now on our house. We completed the 2nd floor last year, right before Finn was born, and we finally decided to take the plunge on our biggest project yet – a gut the first floor starting on July 2.  We went forward with new contractors, along with hiring an architect 3 months earlier to work out a fantastic set of plans.  We knew we were in for a few surprises…and boy did we get a few. Here is a quick recap of the first half of July. Second half to come…we are now back in the house, cozily on the 2nd floor with a 2 week delay in front of us to complete all the work. Wish us luck!!!

World Cup & Packing

As we prepped for moving out of the house for 2 weeks, it happened to coincide with World Cup. Ryan and I are big fans so we decided to let Finn watch TV for the first time. We normally never have it on. Pretty cute to watch….

Finn & Dad Dancing

Taking a break from packing. Finn is getting into dancing lately and loves when his Dad joins in.

Renovations Begin: Part I

This highlights about the first 7-10 days of demolition, which includes the uncovering of never ending plumbing issues to be resolved, original wood floors that couldn’t be saved, and getting down to the floor beams. Its pretty interested to see all the +100 year old floors, original cast iron pipes (which of course had to go), lovely wallpaper someone put up I would guess in the 70’s, and lots of gas pipes that used to serve as the only way to bring light to the house through gas lamps.


Latest of Finn

Finn has been very patient given we have been moving him around lot hotcakes at a variety of places we have been crashing. First at my bosses house in Logan Circle, then off to Glover Park as my friends condo who happened to be traveling in Africa for 3 weeks so we took over her place, and now back to our house with a much tighter play area. He started to teeth again, which was bad timing as he got a little bit cranky but he is back to good spirits and is happy to be back snoozing in his comfy crib.  He also has taken a liking to hanging out in our bed, relaxing on our pillows as you can see below.



2 thoughts on “16 Months: Renovations, Renovations, and Renovations

  1. I was delighted to eceive this new blog.  Well done and fabulous photos and videos. Thanks for sharing.

    Kara, do you have plans for next Sat. Aug. 9?   I thought maybe I could come in for the day, take you to lunch at the restaurant that has those wonderful mussels.  Let me know what you think and whether you have plans.

    Hugs to all, MamaBabaNatasha

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