15 Months: So Many Changes!

Finn seems to be changing each day – talking more, playing more, walking faster, and growing like a weed. We also got a surprise visit from Ryan’s aunt and uncle from Arizona, who I had not yet gotten to meet so that was a real treat.

In other news, Finn has his 15 month appointment this week. He is doing great and took 2 more vaccines like a champ. Here are his vitals:

Weight: 22 pounds
Head: 48 cm
Height: 32 inches

Family Visit


The Ultimate Photo Bomb

Stacking Blocks


Laps in the House

Cutie with his Blanket

photo 1




One thought on “15 Months: So Many Changes!

  1. Oh, I can’t wait to see him and it has been too long. What a delightful little boy and so smart stacking blocks with daddy. Thank you so much for sending.

    Love and hugs, MamaGagaNatasha

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