Week 45 – 47: Baptized!

Finn Chatting
The big boy hanging out after lunch.

Finn’s new habit while he eats…propping his feet up. Took cute….


Baptism @ Sacred Heart Church
We had a last minute change in our calendar and decided to get Finn baptized on January 25th!  We were lucky to have Dad, Roseanne, and Natasha join us and we got a very sweet gift from his godparents, Garrett & Yanette, as the last second change made it hard for them to get into town from Ohio. A great day!

Fun in the City
While the weather is still extremely cold, we have been getting outdoors a bit more to the local playground.  We also went to a friends 1st birthday party where Finn got introduced the world of Gymboree (honestly me too as I had never been too one).

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