Week 42 – 44: More Teeth!

We can’t believe Finn is 10 months old as we start to think about plans for his first birthday. Wow has the year flown by. He is sporting 6 teeth now – 3 up top and 3 on the bottom. He is still missing one incisor bottom and top….curious when those will appear. He is more active than ever as expected – I can’t imagine the day when he walks. Who knows what we will have in store!

Back to his teeth. Teething quite frankly has been the hardest milestone because it simply tore apart any routine we had. Sleep? Non-existent for us. Finn even made it into our bed a few nights as he needed to snuggle with us to calm him down. This went on for a few weeks…hoping we are in the clear for a little while!

Familiar to Parents Out There?
This just about sums up sleeping with Finn…


Away With Spoons
He also recently proclaimed his independence during meals by refusing to be spoon fed and now wants to feed himself.

The Chew Continues
Having teeth seems to have sparked interest from Finn in trying them out…

Who Me? Get Frustrated?
“Mom – please help.”


On the Move

2 thoughts on “Week 42 – 44: More Teeth!

  1. Great Blog.  Finn is such a happy baby boy. I loved the cartoon – where did yoy find it?   Can’t wait to see you all this coming weekend.    Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha

  2. Finn remains adorable – and to think, he will no sooner get his first set of teeth and he’ll need a brand new BIG BOY’S set – life can be so difficult.
    Thankyou once more for his great progress reports – love them!
    Sending big loves to all, from Gram, from “downunder”

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