Week 40 & 41: All About the Holidays

What a blur the past few weeks have been as we prepped for Finn’s first XMAS. Granted he has no idea what is going on, but it is fun to shop and pick out cheesy holiday gear! It was also a time of more FFF’s – “First’s for Finn”.  He decided it was time to figure out how to get up and over a step as well as crawling up a set of stairs. He also had his first experience with apple juice – we figured it was time to give him something else besides milk. We could not pry the bottle out of his hands as you will see below…

For the holidays, we spent a few days in Westminster Maryland with the Hedges side of the family and Natasha was able to join us again this year.

Finn’s 3 cousins arrived (age 11, 9, and 4) and needless to say enjoyed holding, feeding, and playing with their baby cousin. Finn was particularly enamored with his 4 year old cousin Everett over the girls – must be the love of cars, planes, and anything boyish that drew them to each other.

Juice, Steps, & Stairs – Oh My!

First Came the Juice…

Taking On the Stairs

Step 1: Conquering one step


Step 2: Taking on the big stairs

Step 3: Success!!

XMAS Memories 2013

Finn & Hats – They Don’t Mix

The Holiday Faces of Finn

Til Next Year…


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