Week 29-31: Part 2

After a great weekend with Natasha and Migs, we got organized for a weekend away for a good friends wedding in southern Virginia. Finn continues to attempt to crawl – here is a cute shot and a quickie video of his progress a few weeks ago.


Finn’s First Overnight w/o his Parents!
We left Finn in good hands with Natasha and Migs for a long weekend away. We had a tough time leaving him but mostly b/c we knew we were going to miss him terribly! I don’t think he missed us a bit. In fact, Ryan was pretty sure he was depressed on the ride home to D.C. after a weekend of getting spoiled.

Back with Mom & Dad
We were pretty excited to pick-up Finn so we headed out of Winchester and stopped for  some BBQ at a little joint that has quite the reputation. Check out this story on him in the Washington Post.

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