Week 29-31: Part 1

So it was a bit hectic the past 3 weeks! Finn learned to crawl, I got a new job (woo hoo), Ryan and I hosted Natasha and Migs for a visit, and Ryan and I went away for the weekend…without Finn (gasp)! As a result, I didn’t get a chance to post but we have lots to share.  Here is how the fun began the past few weeks….

Natasha’s pre-babysitting visit w/Migs
Natasha and Migs came to D.C. to hang out for a few days, spend time with Finn, and we had hoped –  tour some of the city. But the government shut-down got in our way of that.  Not a problem though on their first day as we instead did a walk-by of the Capital, enjoyed a nice lunch in the U Street neighborhood, then picked up Finn early from the nanny to enjoy more time with him before he conks out at 7:00 PM.


Brunch at Eastern Market
We were so lucky to have Natasha and Migs stay with us for a few days. We enjoyed a fun brunch the second day in the Eastern Market, had burger night here at the house, and as expected – lots of time doting on Finn.

More to come in Part II that will highlight our weekend away, Finn’s visit to Winchester to stay with Baba and Migs, video of Finn crawling, Finn and I visiting Butlers Orchard, and more!

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