Week 29-31: Part 3

Finn is officially crawling! He figured out that he needed to move his hands while also moving his feet. Fun to watch but boy do Ryan and I have our work cut out for us as you can’t leave him for a second alone now.

Working Hard
Finn in the evening big time drooling and focused on his crawl.

Rockin’ the 70’s
Finn is lucky that his grandmother Baba saved some pretty cute outfits from his Dad’s newborn days. Outfits all the way from lovely places like France. One particular outfit is a fantastic terry cloth material in a lovely bright yellow. A timeless outfit for sure. Check him out….

Sophie in a New Role
Finn loves Sophie. So much so that when he tries to crawl he holds onto Sophie’s leg in his mouth and sort of drags her around in his mouth. Pretty comical.


Out & About in the City
I am now starting to finally use the Baby Bjorn.  A great hand me down I got from a colleague and it is really coming in handy. Finn gets strapped to me and likes to look around and take everything in around him. He also enjoys posing for the camera as you can see below…


3 thoughts on “Week 29-31: Part 3

  1. What a smart little BIG man now – and crawling too! As your parents now know, being alert has a whole new meaning.
    Thankyou Finn for continuing to be such a treasure, and a joy to your Down Under d/f Granny.
    Heaps of love

  2. Hi Kara and Ryan, Thanks for my Monday morning fix of Finn. I so wish I could see him more often, so am really hoping you will make it to Baxter’s on Sat. Your room is waiting for you. I love all the photo’s, particularly the one where you shot him thru the slats in the crib. And, of course I have a complaint. Ryan needs to take some photos, because they would include Finn’s gorgeous mother! Kara, your photography is awesome. The way you capture Finn’s facial expressions and body language. Love the way he carries Sophie around – she is definitely his most loved toy for chewing. Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha


    • I do need to give the camera over more to Ryan – I just love taking his picture so tend to be the face behind the camera. 🙂 Will work on it for our next post for sure! Thanks for taking the time to look through all the pictures and videos!

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