Week 28: A Walk in the Woods

While not quite the experience Bill Bryson (one of our favorite authors) wrote of in his laugh out loud book but Finn and I set out today for our own walk – to take in the fresh air and enjoy Rock Creek Park.  No major disasters to report  – he was quite chill although it is becoming clear he can only last so long in the stroller. He simply wants out. We don’t use the binky much but had to today for a little bit as he decided half way through the walk back to the car that he was over staring at trees from the stroller – at least I got some comic relief out of the binky solution.

The Great Crawl Continues…
Finn is really trying hard to scoot, wiggle, and propel himself forward. Here are a few videos I tried to catch of his attempts. I often find him quiet in his crib as he tries to get on all fours and move!

Cutest Toes Ever
Yes – its probably weird but I love how pudgy and wrinkled his little toes are.


Hamming It Up
Just some photos from a Sunday with mom – hanging out in bed and getting his picture taken! He is changing so much – those cargo pants used to be so big and I am pretty sure this might be the last wear as I had trouble buttoning them around his round belly.

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