Week 26: Good Times

Finn & Shoes
I decided it was finally time now that there was a slight chill in the air this weekend that Finn needed to wear shoes. He has yet to really wear any….so turns out they are hard to keep on. Observe my attempt at dressing him up for a cute shot – within in about 2 minutes of snapping photos, the shoes were more of a toy on the side.

Finn Meltdown in Action
Finn is a super sweet baby…but I have to admit, he has his moments. This particular day, he got super tired out of nowhere and decided to express his frustration with a pretty stressed out face and tears to follow.

Finn Chillin’ in his Room
On the flip side, Finn typically wakes up from his naps pretty happy. Its a nice treat to come in and see his smiling face!

Random Shots
A few pix following a bath as well as wearing his Skin’s jersey and then depressingly watching the Redskin lose.

Finn Laughing Loudly

Finn Hangin’ in his Crib

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