Week 25: Scooting

Finn’s Version of Crawling
Finn is really trying to get his move on – he now can turn over from his back to stomach, then over again to his back. He even has started to pull his knees up under him while on his stomach to propel himself forward. Quite cute to watch all the effort to move about 2 inches. He is learning though…soon….he will be picking up the pace!

A Week in the Life of Finn
So Finn is getting into a regular routine – morning breakfast with mom and dad on the weekdays, then spending the day hanging with his new buddy Adrian, walks with his nanny Mariatu during the day, exercise sessions on his jumper at home, to weekend lunches out with his Dad, brunch out with mom, and lazing on the bed with mom on a Sunday – Finn has a tough life to say the least!

VIDEO: Finn hanging with mom

VIDEO: Finn on the jumper

2 thoughts on “Week 25: Scooting

  1. Hi,   I saw his effort at crawling on youtube, just before I recieved your blog. Finn is such a delightful and happy little boy and that is thanks to his Mama and Papa. Loved the photos and so happy to see some of Mama included – about time. He is a joy to watch as he works so hard to crawl – it wont be long and you will have to put safety locks on your cabinets as he will be into everything.  I don’t think he will reach the eggs in the fridge and take after daddy. LOL   I can see how much pleasure you receive from Finn – enjoy , as they grow up much to fast. He’ll be in school before you know it.   Please give Finn a huge hug and lots of kisses from his Baba.   Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha


  2. Congratulations Finn! A fine crawling effort indeed.

    However, I hope you don’t ” frighten the horses” as my son did at this stage. Out of pure frustration he suddenly emitted a loud, piercing scream – his Mama, apart from experiencing sudden deafness, thought he’d at least broken a bone!

    What a fine little man he is; and as Natasha said, is largely due to the love and wisdom of his parents. Go Ryan and Kara!

    Sending love by the tonne
    From his Gram from Down under

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