Week 24: Celebrating 6 Months!

Labor Day weekend seemed to creep up so quickly and as we checked the calendar, we realized Finn had achieved his half a year milestone! Pushing 17 pounds now, he is chowing on apples and bananas, soon to be introduced to sweet potatoes and other vegetables.

We were fortunate this week to have a good friend come visit us and we all were able to relax at a beautiful hideaway in Maryland called Gibson Island. It was a bittersweet trip as Paul and his family are moving from NYC to Sydney Australia so it was a bon voyage to him before his family hit the road on their new adventure. I am grateful Paul was able to meet Finn.  We look forward to Finn’s trip sometime in the next year or so to Australia to visit Paul and see the rest of his Aussie roots.

Finn, Paul, & Friends @ Gibson Island

VIDEO: Finn Learning to Crawl

The Great Drool Continues

Ryan Finally Sports the Bjorn

Pink Lady Applesauce

My New Stuff Animal Friend

6 Month Glam Shot

One thought on “Week 24: Celebrating 6 Months!

  1. Hello Dear Ones,   Wonderful photos and memories for you.  I do have a complaint – how come there aren’t any photos of my dear girl Kara? Finn is growing so well, and every photo is precious.  Thanks for sharing, and next blog, photos of Kara please.   Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha


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