Week 23: A New BFF

So Finn is about to begin a new chapter next week – entering into a “nanny share” with Adrian, a super cute 4.5 month old who lives a block away in our neighborhood. His parents, Alice and Andrew, are nice enough to host the nanny share at their house. We had a BBQ today to celebrate the boys – we are so excited as well that Mariatu, the nanny, will be caring for Finn.  She has taken care of Adrian’s older sister, Rory, for more than two years, who is now heading off to school, making room for Finn to buddy up with Adrian for the next couple of years. Let’s hope they get along!!

Finn & Adrian Chilling on the Activity Mat


A New Sleeping Position
Finn has started to sleep very comfortably on his belly and most recently propping up on his knees – super cute – check it out on our new video monitor (which helps me sleep better at night knowing I can peek in on him anytime)

Dreamy Feed
In order to fatten Finn up as much as possible, we slip him a little extra food around 10:30 PM, of which he typically sleeps through the entire meal. He is definitely chubbing up hitting now 15.6 pounds!


2 thoughts on “Week 23: A New BFF

  1. Hi, Love the photos. He is beyond cute and Adrian is a cutie also. Hope this works out well for all. The sleeping positions are interesting – does that mean he is sleeping thru the night more often? Can’t wait for him to come and visit his Baba. Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha


  2. The two buddies are too lovely for words, and Big Man Finn is progressing perfectly, as per the normal timeline, which has a lot to do with his parenting. Huge pats on the back to K and R, and oxoxooxo to all of you, and Adrian too of course.
    Heaps of love from
    Marg the de facto Grandmother from Down Under (taking liberties here I guess!) and Baba’s friend xooxoxo

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