Week 22: “Nanners” Anyone?

So in one of our first blog posts, I referenced Finn’s very adorable body shape as similar to a banana. Well, knowing that, we thought it only fitting  for one of his first experiences with real food should be….with a banana of course! Who doesn’t love an overripe banana smooshed in with breast milk to result in a gooey, and apparently, very yummy treat for a baby.

Foot Fetish
Finn has definitely become one with his feet. Its becoming hard to even change a diaper b/c as soon as he is on his back, the legs fling up and he has to grab a foot and start to chew. Normal? No idea.

A Visit to Baltimore
Finn has a new friend, Brenton  (a 5 week old cutie), who we can’t wait to spend more time with as those two will be the definition of trouble together in the coming years.

Finn Giggling
A great way to start the day listening to Finn chat it up!

One thought on “Week 22: “Nanners” Anyone?

  1. Great blog, photos and videos.  Warms the cockles of my heart. LOL   Thank you so much for doing this as it makes me feel as though I am not missing out on as much.   Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha


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