Week 21: Flipping Over

Finn has finally mastered getting from his back onto his belly, without getting stuck! Only a week ago he started to turn over and hang out on his side, as well as start to sleep on his side. Check out this video we were able to capture of one of his first attempts to get his arm out from under him once he flips:

Baba Visits
Finn’s grandmother, Natasha (otherwise known as Baba) came to hang out with Finn this weekend and treat us to a crab feast on Saturday! We also hit the neighborhood on Friday evening for a nice happy hour while Finn watched all the city happenings around him.

Sleeping Beauty on his Side
I could not resist snapping this picture at night on one of Finn’s first naps sleeping on his side – too cute!


Sleeping Beauty with Dad
Some mornings Finn ends up in bed with us to hang out, mostly in a vain attempt to get a few more winks in. As you can tell, it doesn’t always work as Ryan tried to sleep in one morning.

A Bumbo Seat for Finn
With Finn’s head strength getting better every day, he now can hang out in his cute little Bumbo seat. He seems to enjoy it although his chubby legs won’t last too much longer in there.


One thought on “Week 21: Flipping Over

  1. Hi, What great photos.  He is such a Champ, with that heart melting smile, cooing and laughing. Thank you for a wonderful weekend of experiencing some of Finn’s first – the best for me, ever.  It was such a treat and you are both wonderful to me. Can’t wait to repeat the visit.   I arrived safely at home by 7:50am, enough time to take a very quick shower and off to work. And tonight I just had crabs for dinner and have 3 left for a snack later. Thank you for letting me take those crabs home, and I now have my fix for the summer. And salmon heads are in the freezer, as well as the tail.  I think I will bake the tails and pull that wonderful salmon off and maybe make salmon patties of what ever. For now it is all safely in the freezer.   Did you get a chance to:   1. Skype Ulrike 2. Finish the wedding album.   I know it is a lot on you, however it all may be a diversion from work.   Love and hugs, and kisses to Finn.  MamaBabaNatasha


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