Week 19 & 20: 5 Months!

The last few weeks have flown by! Finn is growing like a weed, eating more and more, and showing signs of an early crawl. We can’t believe he is already 5 months.  He is so active and he even rolls over now on his own. What is even more cute is that with his new found ability to roll, he has  started to nap and sleep on his side – just like Mom.  He does also sleep through the night…although it isn’t too consistent. He likes to wake up around 4:00 AM for a little bit but then zonks back out lately until about 8:30 AM. Will see how long that last…probably not very  as his habits seem to never stick.

Big Boy
Finn is growing by the minute – on the left is my favorite newborn outfit which I recently packed up.  On the right, is his 9 month old PJ’s he is ready to  wear!


All About the Feet
Finn finally figured out how to grab his feet and now that he has…he does it every chance he gets. Even in the stroller.

All About the Hands
Finn is starting to really recognize the camera when I pull it out now…making it harder to capture those perfect shots.

Tummy Time Improvements

So we had 5 minutes this week where Finn did not completely melt down – I captured the moment luckily to prove it can happen.

Some Time in the Country
We went home for my 20th high school reunion (gasp) so my Dad and Roseanne were kind enough to baby sit Finn. He enjoyed all the attention and even was a good sleeper as we tried out for the first time a pack n’ play (thank goodness that worked out)!

On the Move
Finn is wiggling his way off his play mat now. He finds himself on the hardwood, slightly perplexed, and not sure what to do.


Chillin’ in his Crib


Maybe lookin’ a little like Mom?


One thought on “Week 19 & 20: 5 Months!

  1. He is looking like a Hedges/Sasse combo. Love the pics, and he is such a cutie pie.


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