Week 18: Milestones

So Finn had his 4 month check-up appointment this past week and we were excited at how much our big boy had grown. He is getting quite heavy to haul around – especially his noggin which seems to grow bigger every day.

Here are his stats:

: 5 pds 13 ounces
4 Months: 13 pds 7 ounces

Birth: 18.75 inches
4 Months: 23.5 inches

Head Circumference:
Birth: 35.5 cm
4 Months: 42 cm

4 Month Doctor Appointment
Dad taking care of Finn at the doctors – feeling bad he had to get 2 big shots in his legs!

4 Month Milestones
So what is Finn up to now?

  • Grabbing and holding his toys with his hands
  • Sucking on his hands ALOT
  • Great head control and looking from right to left, up and down very easily and steadily
  • Officially moved from sleeping in his rocker in our bedroom to sleeping in his crib
  • Graduating from swaddling to a sleep sack
  • Very focused eye contact
  • Beginning to sit up – lots of attempts on his own and urges to do so instead of laying down
  • Lots of big smiles and real laughter in addition to his very cute coos
  • Observing his own feet and reaching out to grab them
  • Rolling over on his side to hang out
  • Putting weight on his legs while “standing up” in mom or dad’s arms – likes to push off and try to bounce now

The Rundown
Here is my 2 cents on all things baby we have experienced so far.

Baby Neck Pillow: Cute concept but never worked as his head was always too big
Cloth Diapers: Didn’t even go there. Not my cup of tea.
Stroller: Mixed reviews. Car seat seams too heavy and drink holder attachment is at an angle so spills the drinks.
Car Seat: He was not a fan at first and still really doesn’t stay asleep in it after we get him out of the car.
Bumbo Seat: He is starting to use it – just needs a bit more neck strength
Boppy Pillows: Good investment used on Craigslist. He still likes sitting in them although that isn’t their intended purpose.
Sophie the Giraffe: Best gift ever.
Ergo Baby: Love it, used it a lot the first few months – no need for newborn insert anymore since about 11 weeks
Maya Wrap: Small and compact – easiest way to carry him although recently as he seems to be getting to big for it and is more fidgety than usual
Tummy Time: Still hates it – our nanny says it seems to torture him
Swing Seat: Sold it
Bassinet: Never really used it, trying to sell now. He was not a fan of sleeping in it so got maybe 10 uses.
Activity Mat: The one constant baby device in our living room – great now that he can see better and reach things
Combi Seat: Best $1 spent to date. Super light-weight. We have to strap him in or he winds up sort of half hanging off it after about 2 minutes.
Rocker: Still a fan although he seems to be getting too long for it. Great buy for less than $40.
Breastfeeding: Overrated and as of now and he still only likes one side.
Medela Pump in Style: Works great given it was free but who really enjoys pumping at work (sucks)
Bottles: He loves them. Stares at them, opens his mouth wide when he seems them now
Teeth: Not yet but seems to be drooling like crazy as a sign.

Finn and Dad Talking
Lots of conversations at the Sasse household with Finn


Finn’s Faces
One second serious – the next happy!

Hanging with Uncle Dan

Dan and Finn

Chatty Boy
The little things can amuse a baby. Sorry its upside down but his laugh is worth a listen.

A Boy and his Giraffe
He nows sleeps with Sophie in his mouth.


A Retrospective
Finn at 5 weeks on the left – check out at 17 weeks how he is finally filling out that outfit! No more rolling up sleeves!

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