Week 17: Teething Already?

This week was about 2 major activities – me going back to work after a long hiatus from 10 hour work days, conference calls, too many meetings, and lots of stress (yup – hard to get back into that groove!).  And for Finn, drool, drool, and more drool. Finn can’t go 2 minutes without sticking his fist into his mouth.   As he has gotten more control over his hands, whatever he can grab – his bib, toys, etc – goes straight to his mouth. Luckily, we were given as a gift a teething toy called Sophie the Giraffe which is now Finn’s best friend. I can’t really tell if he is truly teething or not but sure seems like it.

The second big change in Finn this week is he getting much more control over his hands. He has started to really reach out for toys in front of him and of course when he successfully can grab something, he takes it straight into his gummy, drool filled mouth. Take a peek at this cute video of his in the morning….and yes, his shirt says “Someone in Winchester VA Loves Me” – wonder who gave him that??

Serious Finn
I had to post this picture…check out those long eyelashes…probably the only clue right now he is my child!


One thought on “Week 17: Teething Already?

  1. Hi Kara, I can’t watch the video as it says it is private. What do I need to do? Hugs, N


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