Week 6: Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell defines a “tipping point” as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” Well, that aptly describes all the changes that Finn has been going through the past few weeks. He looks like he has grown inches, is sporting eyebrows for the first time, and his hair is making a showing on top of his head. I am all for the changes but they came with the added bonus of a very grumpy baby….

6 Week Growth Spurt?

CartoonSo we discovered there may be an early milestone of a growth spurt that possibly  exists – allegedly. Or maybe just another attempt by some to categorize why newborns are impossible to understand.  Either way, the six week growth spurt came upon us in all its glory.

First off, we had no idea this existed. Second, I wish we had been warned! Finn turned into a gremlin for about 6 days straight and when I say gremlin, not the fuzzy cute mogwai that was in the movie. He no longer believes in the idea of sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time, doesn’t have fun on his activity mat, is a crankster most of the day and has learned to be pretty vocal about his annoyances – whether he is hungry, getting hungry, or famished.

Ryan and I are soldiering through this fun time with lots of love, occasional curse words, soothing him in every way possible which means ridiculous attempts to make him comfortable, warm baths which seems to relax him, and taking the art of swaddling to the next level to get him warm and comfy before going down for a nap.

More Visitors!

We were so excited to introduce Finn to Monoka, a close family friend of Ryan’s mom, who came in from Ohio to visit Winchester and take a side trip to DC to meet Finn. We had a fun-filled Sunday and Finn got to enjoy his first lunch at Old Europe.

More Pictures of our Handsome Boy!

2 thoughts on “Week 6: Tipping Point

  1. FABULOUS!!!! He is such an adorable little boy. Give him extra hugs from his Baba, and thanks for sharing.

  2. He may seem a little terror right now, but please remember, he is probably going to be the President because he’s “up and at ‘e”m already, and that’s BIG! , Bless this gorgeous little soul, and bless his parents. I hope he knows already how lucky he is to have you two for his parents. My Daddy sired five sons and when each arrived home to the farm from the big city, he would say: Now I am sure that THIS one will be Prime Minister!
    Life is incredibly beautiful, and just so full of wonder.
    Sending love and hugs to all three of you, Marg xooxooxox

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