Week 4 and 5: Gas, gas and more gas.

Before & After

The good news is Finn is eating, eating, and eating more. Unfortunately  a lot of gas has come with it so poor guy has to work hard with his miniature insides to work it out of him.  We are experimenting with some “Gripe Water” right now to see if that can ease some of it.  While not fun for him, it does usually end with a smile of satisfaction! We can’t get enough of that big toothless smile.

Future Accountant?

While Finn is of course the cutest baby ever, it is becoming quite noticeable as he sheds some of his hair, that it is shedding in a certain way….leaving him with what looks pretty close to a receding hairline. We still love but it is fun to tease him a bit as he can’t talk back. I know babies in their first month tend to lose their hair…but as we look at Finn, I wonder if he is giving us a peek into what is early 30’s will look like? Like father like son? 🙂

Other Happenings

Checking myself out.

Checking myself out.

Early last week, we busted out the baby shower gift of a cool play mat that Finn seems to like hanging out on. Its nice to see him alert and relaxed, which gives us some time during the day to chill out and not be on “walk and rock” duty with him after each feeding.


So when it comes to nap time, wherever Finn likes to sleep, we are all for it. This particular day, after a nice walk in our neighborhood in the Ergo Baby, when we set him down, we didn’t want to bother taking him out of the carrier insert since he looked some comfy!

Photo Highlights


Looking forward to a busy weekend with lots of visitors, including the famous Monoka all the way from Ohio to come see her honorary grandchild Finn.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 and 5: Gas, gas and more gas.

  1. Hi, He is adorable and I can’t wait to hold him. We shall see you on Sunday and will call as we leave. Hugs, Mama, N and Baba

  2. Wherever we are, since yesterday at the Costa de la Luz, Spanish Atlantic Coast, we enjoy following the Sasses’ Family Blog. It is so marvellous to be able to see that little guy growing, even though we are thousands of miles apart. Thanks, Kara, for your great initiative!

  3. YES, he certainly is a darling baby. I am sure all the relatives are really looking forward to meeting him. Pat Owen

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