22 Months: Welcome Lil’ Sis Elsa!

January 21 2015

Born 1/21/2015 at exactly 1:00 AM EST, Elsa Aleksandra Sasse arrived 3 weeks early. Thank goodness as she was already +8 pounds and 19.5 inches long!  We are all doing great (but in need of sleep). Finn enjoyed 3 days at our house with his Baba while we were in the hospital, who took great care of him. Grateful for her hands on support!

The “Big” Arrival

It only took 5 hours of Pitocin this time to get ready for delivery – a marked improvement over Finn’s all day Pitocin marathon.  The question in our mind was how big would this baby be? Finn was so tiny that we hoped for a much larger baby and given the size of my belly…we were pretty sure that was the case.  After about only 10 pushes, she was out. We were lucky to have Dr. Nevin also deliver Elsa and was also able to get some of the same nurses we had previously. Dr. Nevin quickly noted as she came out – “she is a big fattie for 37 weeks.” The best words we had heard all day!

Sleepy Baby

 Elsa already has exhibited a few cute habits – one being a great ability to nap. But she isn’t too keen on being woken up. The pictures below were about 2 minutes of me poking her to get up for a feeding – starting with her very serious, wrinkled brow look to lips curling to major yawning.


One thought on “22 Months: Welcome Lil’ Sis Elsa!

  1. Hi Sasses,Elsa is the most precious, adorable bundle of joy.  And she looks so content and healthy.  Love your photos, they are truly beautiful. Hope Finn is over his cold.  I still have an awful post nasal drip and a bit of a cough.  Don’t think I am contagious. LOL Talked to Miggs tonight and she sends her love, congratulations and looks forward to seeing you all in March. Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha

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