20 Months: Growing Up!

This is how Finn rolls during a weekend day…prefers no pants while sitting in his own chair and at least 2 cars within hands reach…all near the tree which he surprisingly has not destroyed by taking off the ornaments.


 Bath Time
Finn loves his bath time. Its hard to get him out, even after we empty the tub.

We recently gave Finn his first taste of pasta…and it has turned him into a carb lover.  He has a very cute way of saying the word when he is hungry and wants to eat so I got it on tape.

Dance Time

 The Many Faces of Finn


Reading Time w/Dad




2 thoughts on “20 Months: Growing Up!

  1. Oh how Finn has grown – he has real hair, and looks really “big” now, bless him. What a joy it has been to “know” him via your blog Kara and Sasha – thankyou from my heart.
    And a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you and yours
    Love Marg

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