13.5 Months: Blossom Time!

Another great weekend in Winchester for Apple Blossom. Finn was walking, sporting his seer sucker pants, enjoying hot dogs at Norms, flirting with the ladies, and taking it all in. I think all these pictures sum it all up perfectly!

First Word – Dog

2 thoughts on “13.5 Months: Blossom Time!

  1. Love the photos and what lovely memories we have of all the Blooms.

    Finn is just the best little boy and I can’t wait to see him sooner than later.

    Love and hugs, MamaBabaNatasha 

  2. How many thanks can a girl send! It is truly wonderful to see Finn’s progress. What a real little man he is now – so beautiful – and handsome too!
    I feel so joyous when I see his smile.
    Sending lots of love from me, and pet magpie Mildred (which is unable to fly far) – the latter sends her best squawk, with kisses and hugs – a bit liker me!

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