13 Months: This Week is Made for Walking

We Have a Walker!
During a Sunday picnic on 4/27/14, Finn decided it was time to take his first steps. I think the grass gave him a bit more confidence (instead of trying on our hardwood floor) and as you can see, he took his first few steps forward. I am sure he will be off to the races soon.

The Lead Up to the Steps….

Taking His First Few Steps!

Easter Weekend
For Finn’s first Easter, we stayed local and just had a relaxing brunch at a neighborhood restaurant. Finn was great, enjoyed all the scenery, and we were able to have a long meal before it was time to get him home for a nap. We jammed in a few activities, including a pit-stop to Union Market as well as some playtime at our local playground.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Picnic
Ryan and I discovered a new place to explore in D.C. The Southwest Waterfront has been getting a makeover and there is a great new area by the Navy Yard with lots of space to walk, have lunch, and just relax right on the Anacostia River.  We attempted our first metro ride with Finn, which was a breeze.

Crazy Hair
Finn finally has enough hair that after a bath, it seems to take on a life of its own! Also – notice where his bib has landed during his meals.

One thought on “13 Months: This Week is Made for Walking

  1. Two steps – WOW!!!  He is really close to doing more.  Congrats – life will never be the same again.

    Beautiful photography Kara.  So where is Ryan’s camera????

    Love and hugs and look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  MamaBabaN

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