Week 51: Prepping for the Big Day

Finn has needed to catch up on his sleep as he prepares for his big birthday….this was his morning nap and he was NOT ready to wake up after almost 2 hours…lights were turned on, blinds were up and light was shining in…not even a twitch from him!

2 thoughts on “Week 51: Prepping for the Big Day

  1. He is such a snuggle bug.  I  would love to snuggle with him one of these days. I just adore the little fella and one of these days, when he is older he may want to snuggle with Baba.    Such a preciouse child and the only thing missing over him is a halo.   Thank you and love and hugs, MBN

  2. Hi Kara,

    We are sending huge birthday wishes and hugs to Finn on his first birthday. John and I Are still in FL. We have been here since Feb. 20th. Since there is no snow in the forecast we may start driving back in the morning. We really loved the 70-80 degree weather”!


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