Weeks 9 and 10: All Smiles

A Big Cheese

Finn has really become a smiley baby and within a few weeks, likes to coo, open his mouth wide to us give a big smile, as well as starting to sort of giggle when prompted. He is VERY active, constantly moving his arms and legs, loves to be held by anybody (he isn’t biased to just mom and dad), and turns out is not a big napper during the day (to my chagrin) – he prefers to be awake, alert, and taking in everything around him.  He has a very relaxed temperament (much like his daddy), has been sleeping at night in stretches of 4-6 hours (with sometimes a surprise 7 hour stretch) and now has only 1 feeding in the middle of the night, which has allowed Ryan and I some much needed rest.  Our hope is as he gains even more weight (he has almost doubled!), that he will soon be sleeping through the night (cross your fingers for us) as his little body matures.

So Where in the World Has Finn Been?

The last few weeks have been our busiest yet! With his tongue issues finally behind us (phew) and Finn getting stronger and bigger every day,  it has become much easier to tote him around and with the weather here in D.C. averaging in the  70’s, we have been filling our days and weekends with long stroller walks,  breakfasts in our neighborhood cafe’s, long shopping trips to a variety of stores (very exciting for him to take in things along the aisles), and a visit to the Botanical Gardens.  We even squeezed in a trip to see both his grandparents in Virginia and Maryland as well as his great grandmother (who just turned a young 95 years old) while our kitchen got repainted over the Memorial Day weekend. Finn is one lucky boy to not only have grandparents on both sides of our family to spoil him rotten but also have many great influences and people surrounding him in his life!


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