Week 11: The Big Chew

So Finn is going through a lot of changes…he is discovering his hands, learning how to use his vocal cords in new ways, and going through what seems to be another growth spurt as he approaches 12 weeks. Luckily, this spurt seems a bit less crazy than the 6 week one but it definitely comes with Finn breaking any routines we had somewhat started to keep. For a few days, he has been hungrier at night and during the day he is most content being held and cuddled versus sitting in his swing or playing on his mat. We are excited though at what will be even more changes as he starts to hold his head up more on his own (he has a big head so that will be a feat to watch), grab toys with his hands, and turning his head smoothly to our voices. I was given a great book called the Wonder Weeks which has helped us not be so perplexed by all the various changes and more importantly, not get overly frustrated as he blows his sleep schedule out of the water for a few days or week depending on how he handles the changes.

Finn enjoying some hand for breakfast.

Finn enjoying some hand for breakfast.

Social Butterfly

Finn attended his first birthday party for good friends of ours son, Cyrus Baltimore, this past Saturday at a great place called  BloomBars in our neighborhood. This local arts and culture establishment caters to young tots with entertainment and music for kids of all ages. While not awake for most of it, mom and dad got to enjoy themselves catching up our neighborhood friends.  Finn even slept through the after party for Cyrus’s dad, who also shares his sons birthday. It was a much needed night out to say the least!

One thought on “Week 11: The Big Chew

  1. Thanks for sharing.  You take great pics Kara.  Love everyone of them, and your grandmother looks really well.   * Hugs, N

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