Finn’s First Few Days – Part III

So March 13, 2013 turned out out to be Finn’s birthday and after an initial check into the hospital at 7 PM on March 10th, only about +30 hours later, we were happily making our way to our post delivery room to settle in for some LONG overdue sleep. A nurse was nice enough to bring me the last sandwich available around 3:00 AM and while it may have been the worst tomato and cheese sandwich I had ever eaten, at the time it tasted fantastic and I ate it in about 3 seconds flat after not having food since arriving at the hospital.  at 5:30 AM, we finally settled in and were able to close our eyes for a few hours while Finn happily slept in his little hospital bassinet next to us.

The next 24 hours were a mix of short nap and  lots of doctors and nurses checking in on us – ranging from breast feeding experts to my cardiologist to Dr. Nevin to my original OB Dr. Reiter (who was not on call to deliver Finn at the time). We filled the time easily simply watching Finn and were quite spoiled with nurses doing many of the first diaper changes, swaddling, and burping while we acclimated to being parents.

So after 2 restful days in the hospital, we packed up and headed out!

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