Overdue Haircut!

Elsa is 2.5 now and yet to have a haircut. Mostly because she has so little hair! But as she watches Finn at his frequent barber shop trips, she has started to ask if she can get her hair cut. So I obliged this past week. It was about a 120 second affair as there was so little trimming to do but she loved it! Below is a before on the left when we arrived and after the quick trim on the way home. And yes – we did it at the barber shop Finn goes to and not a salon!


In other news, Finn finished  2 weeks of day camp at the JCC. Between field trips to a bowling alley and a theater trip to see Wizard of Oz, he certainly enjoyed himself. This is a shot of Finn and a few of his buds in the morning when I dropped him off, wearing his over sized camp t-shirt.


One thought on “Overdue Haircut!

  1. Elsa is gorgeous with her new do. How did you manage to get Daddy let her get a haircut?
    And Finn is awesome as usual. Love his happy, exuberant smile.

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