Lewes Beach, Delaware

Nothing like a quick 2.5 hour ride to head to the beach to get away for an extended weekend. We rented a small beach house in Lewes Beach Delaware, thinking it would be cold and we could enjoy warm fires inside as well as the houses outdoor firepit. Instead we got  60 degree weather and enjoyed lunch outside and walks on the beach. Pretty fantastic.


Dip of the Toes
It only took a few seconds for the kids to quickly inch their way to the water and start to get their feet wet. Even though the water was freezing, it didn’t stop either, which surprised us!

Point, Point, and Point Again
Elsa isn’t shy about telling you what she wants. She wanted me to put the camera down and get in the water with her. She was nicely telling me where to put the camera and then exactly where she wanted me to put my feet in the water.



2 thoughts on “Lewes Beach, Delaware

  1. Gollygoshohgumbygee! The Prince and the Princess are certainly growing into two gorgeous people. Cherish these wonderful moments.
    Love and happy days, Marg/GD (Granny downunder) XOOXXO

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