Soccer Mom

The day I have waited for! Finn starting pee-wee soccer league. He seemed interested so we signed him up and he was pretty excited to get shoes from his cousin Everett as well as other soccer shirts and shorts that fit him great. He was excited on the drive over, ate a few snacks with his sister while we waited for practice to start and then got his game face on! I would not call it a total success as he seemed to enjoy picking the ball up with his hands (even though the coach said it was hot like fire to try and get the point across to not do that) and got pretty distracted by the cones marking the field. We try again this weekend!




Elsa Working the Ball
We had a playdate with some of Finn’s friends and somebody brought a soccer ball. Elsa really took to it! Finn is in a phase where he is more interested in toys or just running around so will see where it leads.



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