Turning 40 Plus 1

Yup – I hit 41 this year! The last 4 years seem like a blur – MBA, new job, marriage, 2 kids, and endless house renovations (still going on). But, with all the chaos comes those grateful moments like this weekend – these little people and my hubby made it special by planning a quiet weekend away, which I so needed, to Lost River West Virginia. We rented an old farm house with a wrap around porch, a tree house deck to lounge in, fire pit, and super comfortable accommodations all around.  Here are a few highlights! And no, I am not in any of photos b/c I tend to take them all!





2 thoughts on “Turning 40 Plus 1

  1. I do hope you had a relaxing weekend, all of you, and the photos are great. Thank you. Sorry you aren’tin any of them Kara.

  2. What a wonderful birthday gift! Let me remind you that you are only a “puppy” yet, despite all the child duties which take up so much of your life making it seem as though you are older Kara. Happiest of times, now in the future for you and Ryan, and those truly gorgeous (and blooming) children.

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