Big E is 15 Months!

We hit another milestone with Elsa for her 15 month doctor check up. Her nickname of King Kong seems to fit as she weighed in at a solid 25 pounds! Here is a quick snapshot of Elsa in a nutshell:

Weight: 25 pounds, 90% percentile
Height: 32.5 inches, 96% percentile
Head Circumference: 47 cm, big
Teeth: About 7-8, hard to tell as her front teeth are coming in so slowly and her back molers are already breaking through it seems
First Word: Bird
Sleep: 2 naps still and down at 7 PM on the dot and sleeping about 11 hours solid
Favorite Food: Anything savory and she seems to change her mind daily
Walking: Almost as she shuffles between cruising, scooting, and crawling.
Favorite Activity: Being outside, regardless of the weather, and playing hide and seek
Least Favorite Activity
: Reading books and getting her diaper changed
Personality Traits: Playful, outgoing, seems to like being center of attention, and clearly more interested in engaging and interacting with people over toys or things

IMG_4851 copy


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