Finn’s 1st Semester

Finn officially finished his first semester in pre-school! He attends the Jewish Community Center pre-school program in Dupont Circle. No – we aren’t Jewish! But, the program is well known and about half the school attendees are also non-Jewish as the school is open to all faiths. Its a fantastic program and we lucked out getting Finn into a class with 2 teachers and 7 children so lots of attention towards his development. His days are filled with music, outdoor activities, art, and more. Here are a few pictures taken by his teachers!

From left to right: Mia, Asher, Hank, Rowen, Finn, Eva, & CJ


Finn & His Buds
He has rough juggling all the fun at school – from pajama Friday to group snacks provided by school to reading time to even his own didgeridoo making a special appearance one day.

Finn’s Serious Face
We noticed a trend that many pictures have Finn focused and concentrating on whatever task is at hand. He was always a pretty serious baby so we were not surprised to see this!

The Shapes Rope
Finn’s first few days or school came with some adjustment. Our teachers immediately noticed “he didn’t like to follow the crowd”, which meant every child in his class holding the shapes rope when walking in the hallways or on the sidewalks. Think this photo says it all….


One thought on “Finn’s 1st Semester

  1. Thanks, as these are great to see. He is growing up fast!  It almost makes me want to go back to teaching first grade again!  With so many people needing ESL help, I also think about going back to teaching them again. Passing thoughts for slow moving January. Take care in this new year. Pat

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